Music Therapy in Hospice & End of Life Care

Heart Tones Music Therapy provides individual music therapy services to clients in hospice care and their families. Music therapy is a wonderful way to help those in hospice to process feelings, express themselves through music, connect with their loved ones, and create memories that their families will treasure.
Beth Hardy has completed extensive training through the Center for Music Therapy in End of Life Care, and has received a certificate in Hospice & Palliative Care Music Therapy.


How does music therapy help adults in hospice care and their families?

  • Provides opportunities for the client to connect with their family in meaningful ways
  • Promotes communication
  • Decreases sense of isolation, loneliness and depression
  • Music can be experienced passively by clients who are nonverbal and/or unresponsive
  • Music promotes reminiscence and opportunities for family to share positive memories
  • Provides opportunities for the client to process emotions such as grief, sadness, anger, confusion, loss and fear
  • Musical legacy projects such as playlists of favorite songs, slideshows with music, and creation of original songs can be done during music therapy sessions
  • Provides nonpharmacological management of pain and discomfort
Music is the only thing that engages my mom anymore.
— Daughter of a nonverbal client with advanced Alzheimer's